Lauren Richie

full-stack engineer

conservation biologist

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Full-stack web developer and conservation biologist interested in using technology for positive social and environmental change.

Skills: Javascript, JQuery, D3.js, Ruby, Rails, Ember, test driven development.




A data visualization and storytelling narrative that describes the history of the gray wolf in the contiguous US, from persecution to restoration. It features a map visualizing wolf populations over time, interactive infographics and a story of wolf OR-7, a wolf that traveled over 1,000 miles across Oregon to become the first wolf documented in California since 1924.

Built with Javascript and D3.js and data parsed with Ruby.

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SF Adoption App

Using data scraped from the San Francisco SPCA's website, this app shows animals available for adoption and enables visitors to register, sign in and apply to adopt an animal.

Built using Ruby on Rails and some single-page functionality.

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A project management app that allows users to manage projects, associated tasks, and members.

Built using Ruby on Rails and test coverage with capybara and rspec.

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